Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lawyers vs Policemen

Policeman and lawyers, constantly working together. The policemen catch the bad guys, the lawyers either help establish the fact that the bad guy is indeed, bad or protects the bad guy from severe punishment. If you want a more precise explanation, there's always the Criminal Procedure Code and the Federal Constitution, not forgetting the Police Act and Legal Profession Act to prove my point on the interrelation between policemen and lawyers.

However a question that plagued the curious, twisted mind, was

If they should, why? Nothing really puts one or the other above each other in rank, so what gives?

*previous situation in Pakistan, regarding a protest by lawyers. Nothing to do with the actual issue in question though*

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  1. I read an interesting article in loyarburok about just this recently. That the magistrate, the DPP, the police and the defence counsel are of equal standing before the law. All are in place to administer justice. Not one body is higher than the other. So, to the question of whether the police should respect the lawyers, they should. Just as much as the lawyers should respect the police. Only with mutual respect can they do their job properly.

  2. its a co op existence really, neither cant function without the other, but yet it would seem both like to find faults in each other. sad. ;p